Feminine Charms
Client Testimonials

ennifer of Southern California writes, "I am absolutely THRILLED with your new peppermint scrub. My skin was flaky and peeling before... now it is smooth and silky! On top of how fantastic it works, the scent is absolutely to die for!"


honda of Southern California writes, "Everyone needs some of this lip scrub. It is great. My lips haven't felt this good in years. It's not greasy and it moisturizes. All I want is more, more, more!"


Cochran of Southern California writes, "I have used Feminine Charms soap for three weeks now and my skin is much softer, smoother, and more supple. The soap has a pleasant fragrance, lathers quickly, and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. I have experienced a definite improvement in the condition of my skin. I highly recommend Feminine Charms soap."


Allen of Southern California writes, "I have used the body scrub for a couple of years. The thing I like most is that your skin feels so soft and comfortable after your shower. The scrub really gets rid of the dry skin and makes you look younger. "


elly of Vancouver, Washington writes, "I've used several of the products (the body scrub, lip balm, lip scrub, and the bath, body, & massage oil). I was pleased with all. I especially liked the body scrub and massage oil. The scrub makes everything soft and smooth. The oil is WONDERFUL!!! MY FAVORITE!!! Putting it on after a shower and having the great lavender fragrance (that lasts all day) is great. I was so pleased when, the next morning my husband noticed that my skin was silky smooth!! "